ZIAv1.5 (1992)

ZIAv1.5 was first available on cassette in 1992 with a few songs. This version was called ZIAv1.0. When Elaine added more songs or re-mastered a song, ZIA would release a new version. ZIAv1.1 through 1.4 followed. People who had bought the cassette could simply return the cassette and a new upgrade would be sent for only the cost of shipping. This was designed to emulate software upgrades. The final upgrade was to a CD, offered at a discounted price. ZIA v1.5 is inspired by transhumanism, space exploration, and other futurist themes. lyrics

Written, arranged and produced by Elaine Walker
Agribusiness, Pagan Goddess and New Way Engineered by Joel Somellian
Produced by Gordon Willis and Elaine Walker
Animal, Reconstruction and Mother Engineered by Joel Somellian
Produced by Joel Somellian and Elaine Walker
Cover art by Elaine

All songs © 1992 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved