Trapezoid (2019)

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Trapezoid is a continuation of the spacey-mathy-disco spirit of Four-Momentum. Equal temperaments are used, including 10edo, 14edo, 15edo, and the Bohlen-Pierce Scale.

Most of ZIA's past albums have been composed exclusively with hardware synthesizers. Trapezoid was composed with software synths, which have a different sound. This is the second instrumental ZIA release.

In 2018, with no formal math training, Elaine realized that she had a gift for visualizing mathematics–especially with her eyes closed. The Trapezoid album was inspired by the math she has been working on since then with her partner. Their first paper was accepted in 2020 to the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, the same publication where her father, Elbert A. Walker, was first published in the 1950s. Elaine's mother, Carol L. Walker, is also a mathematician, and the first woman to get her PhD at New Mexico State University.