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June, 2006 | PERMALINK

ZIA is back in action. The latest incarnation of the band is based in Arizona and adds Aaron Lockhart and Sean Brennan to the long list of outstanding artists who've worked with Elaine Walker over the years.

A new album has been completed and the band is playing its first gig in years next week in Tempe, AZ.

The entire ZIA discography is available on line so head over to the ZIA site, give it a listen and order a CD.


ZIA is an exclusively electronic band who began performing around the New England in 1992. Founded by Elaine Walker, ZIA bangs out pro-space and sci-fi music on futuristic instruments. Microtonal musical scales run rampant throughout the ZIA repertoire. In the pop genre this is a monumental task which adds an eerie, futuristic edge to the songs.