NOTES: I think the reason the songs sound chaotic at first is partly because it’s microtonal, and it takes a while for one’s ear to adjust to 19 and 10 notes per octave. I don’t believe we ever used distortion on my voice. I’m not actually complaining about Newt Gingritch. The song he is referring to, River, makes fun of liberals and conervatives alike (one verse each) in a sarcastic tone that hardly anyone seems to get. I am a fan of Mr. Gingritch AND Rush. I didn’t understand much about politics back then except that I knew I agreed with conservatives on everything except religion. I’m obviously an atheist. Lo and behold I guess I’m sort of a libertarian, although I never seem to fit in with Libertarians either. So.. this song is still appropriate. The two party system is so silly. And scary.