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Elaine Walker received her degree in Music Synthesis Production from Berklee College of Music in 1991, and worked as a lab monitor in the electronic music labs until 1999. Upon graduation she founded the all-electronic band, ZIA, using homemade alternate MIDI controllers and microtonal scales. She received her Masters Degree in Music Technology from New York University in 2001. While at NYU, Elaine managed the Music Technology lab monitor crew. Her thesis was on using chaos mathematics to compose and perform music. She built a hardware MIDI device to play "chaos melodies", allowing the performer control over the mathematics, tempo and dynamics. For several years that followed, she was one of two music editors for the cartoon Pokemon with 4Kids Entertainment, and later GoGoRiki. Elaine performed with and did production work for the band Number Sine, Vitruvian, and Alcoholiday in the Phoenix area. She has continued to perform with ZIA, build new MIDI instruments and research microtonality. In the Summers, Elaine performs her duties as Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for the Haughton-Mars Project with NASA scientists in the Canadian High Arctic. Keep a lookout for her new book, "Cosmos, Chaos, Curiosity", a non-fiction book which outlines her philosophy of nature, chaos theory, and human abstract thought.

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