Our servers:

andromeda.ziaspace.com, our primary shell server, is a very stable and well seasoned PowerMac 9600 system with a 1 GHz PowerPC 7455 G4, 1.5 gigs of memory and two terabytes of hardware mirrored SCSI storage. andromeda is located in our very own rack in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA datacenter adjacent to One Wilshire, with a full gigabit of upstream bandwidth and IPv6. It is also a true stratum 1 NTP time server using a Klos Technologies PPS generator and a Garmin GPS. andromeda runs NetBSD 7.

Some of our other servers include development systems, MySQL and dynamic content servers, all running either NetBSD 7 or Mac OS X.

We also have an rsync-based backup service with 60 terabytes of RAID-6 storage and an LTO-4 tape library, plus space in a film storage vault for safely storing tapes.

Some of our other backup servers include NetBSD machines located in New York City and Saint George, Utah, as well as other various locations performing backup DNS, backup email, and off-site data backup.

All of our servers run either NetBSD, known for portability, code correctness, scalability, and security, or Mac OS X, the most popular Unix in the world.

* Web and content hosting invariably has a standard, common sense disclaimer: all content belongs to the person or group which created it. ZiaSpace does not necessarily agree with the opinions of our clients, but we respect and protect everyone's right to free speech.