This page links to research I did at NYU for my Masters in Music Technology (1999-2001).
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Listening Examples to accompany the research paper are below:
Chaos Melody Theory Research
-Elaine Walker
(1992, Composed in MAX using Chaos Melody Theory TM, Bohlen-Pierce Scale tuning)
Experimenting with complex numbers:
e^z complex phrase examples
a=1.4, b=.92, x=.29, w=n
Chaos Controller
This is a homemade hardware MIDI instrument triggering a TX81Z, using Chaos Melody Theory. I built this as my final project for Physical Computing class at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Each student did an “art” project involving the Basic Stamp. My idea was to emulate my Chaos Melody Theory MAX patch with a stand-alone hardware device.