SHEM (1995 Young American Records / 1996 Fifth Colvmn)

1. FUTURE (10 tet)
2. HAND HELD (19 tet)
3. LIE (19 tet)
4. RIVER (19 tet)
5. DISEVOLVE (19 tet)


It was an endless beginning
Then they came and gave us meaning
And then we all went crazy
What I would give to see their faces.

Look back, look ahead, out of this time frame.
Look back, look ahead, reevaluate.

What was the Tower of Babel?
Was it a tower of rubble?
Was it a fire rocket?
Was the good book misinterpreted in a few key places?

Look back, look ahead, out of this time frame.
Look back, look ahead, reevaluate.

Flying in outer space, no slaves of evolution.
Finally displaying our grace, we live for the Future
Searching for time and place, no we won't die.
Hoping to find the race who brought the sky.


A null situation / space time continues without me.
I've lost all sensation / I try to create it.

I feel no pain / see no distance.
In a straight line / no dimension.
I think clearly / no distractions / I want to feel.

I want to be...
Hand held, hand hold me.

I've created a fantasy / An image to satisfy.
Controlling perception / a digital sky.

In my costume / I'm in stereo / come inside my / real time video.
You can join me / come release me / make me real.

We'll have pleasure / undivided / our attention / we ignite.
You can help me / feel some pain / feel some glory / make me free.

A galaxy in my head / A twisted inferno.
We've melted together / I've found a new dimension.

3. LIE

I want to live, to witness when the ice breaks.
When we awake, freeze my body.
Wake me when they return, to shake the world.

When the time comes, see creation.
They'll shock the world then and we'll have to let go.
Science, Religion, believe in what we know.

Only time will tell if there's a god in hell.
Don't ask now they'll lie to you. They'll make it true.
Believe it too. It's what they do.
They'll lie to you. They'll lie to you.
They'll lie about something.

Build me a shem, Bring me to them.
When they return, to shake the world.

When the time comes we'll see heaven.
They'll shock the world then and we'll have to let go.
And we'll believe in what we know.


I'm a liberal,
That means I'm always generous.
And I advocate progress.
I like to rehabilitate,
Criminals we have made.
It's never too late.

Conservatives are snobbish.
And it's a fact they're all rich.
They glorify Newt Gingrich.
They like to starve little children.
Ruin their education.
They're taking over the nation.

Moving the river, flowing together.
Through the stormy water, moving the river.

How long until the river opens.
How long until we spill in the ocean.

I'm a conservative,
And I am not stuck in my ways.
Change has to start in the family.
Rush Limbaugh, I'm a fan.
Don't think guns need to be banned,
Instill good morals in every human.

Liberals have a free heart,
But they really aren't too smart.
And they all shop at K-Mart.
They think crime comes from poverty.
New laws will fix society.
Can't put the blame on family.

No matter how much,
Society urks me,
And the parties work me,
I'll love all humanity.

Left and right and in between,
It's my survival instinct.
Moving the river, flowing together.
Through the stormy water, moving the river.


I feel a sound, stand motionless.
And see the warmth of brightness.
It's touching me from every side.
On a sea of light.

Treatment, hallucinogenic.
The mending of the subject.
The warmth, it fills me, I'm purified.
I travel to forget.

Pixel drama, new formation, virtual realization.
Simstem stimulation, a new Mankind.
Exponential breeding underneath a pixel sky.
Holographic simulating high speed minds.
Data is the universe, extended crystal nerves.
Spherical vision, we disevolve.

I feel a field, horizonless.
A seething mass of darkness.
I'm falling in from every side.
A sphere of seething black.

Absence, neurasthenic.
Holonomy of the subject.
Speed of transport multiplies.
I travel to forget.

All songs were written in 19 and 10 tone tunings.

Recorded in June 1995 at Bela Studios, Boston, MA

Production: Peter Moore, Jeff Biegert, Elaine Walker, Rob Trainor
Engineering: Peter Moore, Jeff Biegert
Mastered by: Henk Kooistra at 9 West Mastering
Written and performed by Elaine Walker
Lyrics for Disevolve by Elaine Walker and Rob Trainor
Drum performances by Rob Trainor
Additional voices by: Rob Trainor, Peter Moore, Jeff Biegert, and Dan Weingartner
Legal representation: Tim Donahue
Photography: Adam Buck, Hartley Batchelder and Bill Chute
CD Layout and Design: Rob and Elaine
Multimedia production: Elaine Walker and Bob Gourley

All songs © 1995 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved

About the multimedia:
"I created the space education multimedia out of my desire to make the public more aware of the wonders of space exploration, and out of my belief that supporting it can directly contribute to the quality of our children's lives and the future of humanity." -Elaine

ZIA would like to thank the following people for their support: Our frieds, families and loved ones, Tim Donahue, Think Tree, Peter and Jeff, Dan Weingartner, Die Warzau, Jim Marcus, NIN, Trent, Erin, Gerry Gerrard and Sam, Chemm Lab, Jarad, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, SMG, Raw, Rick Schettino, Elio, YOung American Records, Lisa Sirois, Dan Mullen, Jolie Trainor, Adam Foster Buck, The Pit Report, Bob and Lisa Gourley, Virus-23, Krayge, Gromet, Chris, Acumen, 0 Dark:30, Steve, The Warehouse, Big D., Jeff Churchwell, Digger, Dan, Clay People, Joe Bonni, and all the people that we may have forgotten, and all the fans that support electronic music... Thank you.