Disevolution (1998)

(Remixes of Disevolve, from the ZIA CD/EP "SHEM", 1995)


I feel a sound, stand motionless.
And see the warmth of brightness.
It's touching me from every side.
On a sea of light.

Treatment, hallucinogenic.
The mending of the subject.
The warmth, it fills me, I'm purified.
I travel to forget.

Pixel drama, new formation, virtual realization.
Simstem stimulation, a new Mankind.
Exponential breeding underneath a pixel sky.
Holographic simulating high speed minds.
Data is the universe, extended crystal nerves.
Spherical vision, we disevolve.

I feel a field, horizonless.
A seething mass of darkness.
I'm falling in from every side.
A sphere of seething black.

Absence, neurasthenic.
Holonomy of the subject.
Speed of transport multiplies.
I travel to forget.

1. Disevolve (19 tet) (original mix from SHEM EP) - written and produced by Elaine Walker, co-produced by Jeff Biegher and Peter Moore
2. Disevolve (clouded) - Gair Marking and Dominick Annuzzi
3. Disevolve (purity mix) - Gair Marking and Dominick Annuzzi
4. Disevolve (a new mandkind) - reconstructed by Alexx Reed of Thou Flaming Minister
5. Disevolve (clouded voyeur mix) - Dominick Annuzzi

All songs © 1998 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved