Big Bang! (2000)

1. GOLDEN (19 tet)
4. RESOLUTION (19 tet)
5. NIBIRU (19 tet)
6. SPACE MAN (12 tet/19 tet)
7. DUMMER (19 tet)
8. BUCHLA RISE (19 tet)
10. COMATOSITY (19 tet)
11. SPIDER (19 tet)
12. BIG BANG (19 tet / 10 tet)


When from the station of Jupiter, she goes down to the west
The planet grows in brilliance, and in the zodiac
Cancer will become Nibiru, time of security
Then Akkad will overflow, a world of plenty

The Gods with the golden tears came to the promised land
Will we ever see the day when the fog turns into rain
And they come into our lives again

Will the fog dissappear?  Will we see the light?
Will it rain golden tears?

400 thousand years, that's when our time began
They came with the golden tears, down to the promised land
Here on the seventh planet, and she was made of gold
Mission Earth would obtain it for the ones of old


Plastic bubbles, curved like human
Fragile beauty, so incomplete
Soft and hard like any woman
Her faces light up, always happy.  Aaahhhh....

Plastic nightmares, lucid dreams
I find a mirror and smoke appears
I touch my face, it feels like rubber
I have become me, I feel no fear.  Aaahhhh....

Plastic man, hurt me again
In my dreams, cold clear eyes become my friends
Plastic breaks, I'm human again
Desperately, my body aches for Plastic man

Through plastic grass and walls of foam
A combination person comes to me
I try to tell them they don't exist
They get so angry and don't believe.  Aahhhh....


My flesh it hides my voice inside
Her breath is weak my voice won't speak

My breath is wine your love divine
Inside your skin, I want within

My voice inside no longer hides
She speaks to me I feel release

My voice inside no longer hides
she speaks to me, she set me free

My breath is wine.  You love divine
Inside your skin, I want within


I was broken down and I couldn't speak
Couldn't walk with my shaky knees
Everyday I have to be strong
But everything is all wrong

The situation calls for a resolution
It's like an animal that needs to run wild again
I'm offering a stimulant
This time we'll take it to the wind
The situation calls for a resolution

You're feeling sad but you're looking good
You want it bad and I think you should
You hold a mountain in your hand
I think it's time you take a stand

You've got a ticket in your hand
a ticket to the promised land
Baby I know we have to fly
And I'll see you in the sky


Enki was a brilliant scientist
He mined gold on Earth for their atmosphere
But then the miners mutinied
They needed slaves and they called on Ninti
And she created me, and she created me.  Hey!

I'll follow you, planet Nibiru

Ninti nipped off fourteen parts of clay
Made the mold and shouted triumphantly,
"I have created, my hands have made it!"
She was a true olden goddess form Nibiru
And she created me, and she created me.  Hey!

Apewoman roamed until they upgraded her
To mine gold on Earth for their atmosphere
And then they knew their test tube children
Made them kings and married the women
And then they let us go, and they went back home.  Hey!


Your eyes, so fresh, so true
You come into this world and we confuse you

Don't forget
You say you want to be a space man
Don't forget

Don't forget that we all love you
So take a chance 'cause we believe in you

Just don't follow in our footsteps
'Cause I know they'll get you nowhere


Under the bridge is where we live
All around are the highways
We see the lights passing by
Streaking by like the days

That's it, we've hit the pit, can't dig any deeper

Let's rise above
We're getting dummer every day
Right now,let's pull the plug
We're getting dummer every day

We move with the flow
Running hot and feeling cold
On the edge of sanity
This is where we stalled

Anger / Frustration / Isolation


We let our capsule drift, sailing into emptiness
Here there is no wind.  Here we have no reflection

We've been called into space by her alluring voice
To go to a new place.  Now we have a choice

She cast a spell on me with her magnetic mystery
I have forsaken this world for a new spherical entity

It's no longer sci-fi.  We see it without eyes
We have become immortal on our Buchla Rise


You saw a girl on the street
She reminded you of me
You said she said she was a singer, like me
A really good one, like I should be
She was slammin'

You saw a girl on TV
She reminded you of that girl on the street
She was a real looker
She was slammin'

I'm going to leave and go on TV
You'll say I remind you of a girl you once knew
She was slammin'


Quality control...marshmallow cereal
It's all about style but it's always changing
Like we never get it right...it's all about entertaining
The art of abstraction

It's got that big skull crushing heaviness
It's got that nice pop sensibility, yeah

Changing all our lives, never satisfied, all our lives

I'm at the enormo mart and I'm looking at pop tarts
Got a nice new hologram and I feel hypnotized
And I see more and more...it's all about duplication
The art of exacting

Don't tell me about comatosity
I'm working nearly half capacity, yeah

Dreaming all our lives, never satisfied
Feeling Hypnotized, never satisfied, all our lives


And I fall into her  web. The spider's on me
And she crawls inside my head, and weaves my mind

And it's happening again.
I live only for you
I cannot read my head when the spider's on me

In the evening I recall the way I loved you
Now I'm not myself at all.  I've slipped away.

And the moon is looking smeared
All the stars have disappeared
Condensation blurs my skies when the spider's on me

And it floated from her mouth, such a complicated sound
In a simple little word.  How it always wanted out

12.  BIG BANG!

Born out of darkness, descended from pure energy
Symmetrical and timeless, when something broke the symmetry

A super position of infinite geometries
Interfering reinforcing, adding like a sound wave

Eleven dimensions.  Four that we live in
Seven are hidden.  Will we ever know them

And from the vacuum, instant cosmology
Matter Antimatter, exploded into everything

I came alive.  I was born in the Big Bang.
I closed my eyes.  I can see.  We are growing.
Through Space and Time on a journey to knowing.
I came alive.  I was born in the Big Bang.

All songs were written and produced by Elaine Walker.
1,2,4,5,9,10 and 12 co-produced by Mike Farrentino and engineered by Andres Karu.
6 and 8 co-produced and engineered by Dan Mullen.
3,7 and 11 engineered by Elaine Walker.
Mastering on 3,6,7,8 and 11 by Dan Mullen.
Final Mastering by Marc-Dieter Einstmann.
Vocal harmonies on 3,11 and 12 by Liz Lysinger.
Drum programming on 1,2,4,5,10 and 12 by Andres Karu.
Flute on 11 and 12 by Gia Catallucci.
Live drum performances on 1,4 and 10 by Gary Vitagliano.
Guitar samples on 8,9 and 10 provided by Dan Mullen.
Additional sound design on 3,5 and 7 by Dan Weingartner.
Drum loops on 8 provided by Dan Weingartner.

Photography by Tobias Enhus.

Many thanks to Dan Mullen, Dr. Boulanger, Gia Catalluci, Dan Weingartner, Gary Vitagliano, Daniel Gauthier, Tobias Enhus, Shota Ebara, Jimmy Thayer, the National Space Society and the Boston Chapter, Chris and Anna Hull, Aaron Madden, Rose Gray, the Warfields, Meritsa Kalasz, our families, Gig Records, Baloney and Chadu, and to that great and mysterious cosmos from which we came.

This CD is in memory of the late Pete Conrad, Stanley Kubrick, Carl Sagan, Alan Shepard and Clyde Tombaugh for their optimism, bravery and their hopeful vision of our future, and to all others who follow in their paths.

All songs © 2000 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved
Released by ZIA and Chaos Control Productions