Resolution (mp3)


I was broken down and I couldn't speak
Couldn't walk with my shaky knees
Everyday I have to be strong
'Cause everything is all wrong

The situation calls for a resolution
It's like an animal that needs to run wild again
I'm offering a stimulant
This time we'll take it to the wind
The situation calls for a resolution

You're feeling sad but you're looking good
You want it bad and I think you should
I think it's time you take a stand
You hold a mountain in your hand

You've got a ticket in your hand
a ticket to the promised land
Baby I know we have to fly
And I'll see you in the sky

From the ZIA album "Big Bang!" self released in 2000.

Written, performed and produced by Elaine Walker.
Co-produced by Mike Farrentino and engineered by Andres Karu.
Final Mastering by Marc-Dieter Einstmann.
Additional drum programming by Andres Karu.

Copyright 2000 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved
Released by ZIA and Chaos Control Productions