Hand Held (mp3)

Hand Held

A null situation
Space time continues without me
I've lost all sensation
I try to create it

I feel no pain, see no distance
In a straight line, no dimension
I think clearly, no distractions
I want to feel

I want (need) to be Hand Held
Hand hold me

I've created a fantasy
An image to satisfy
Controlling perception
A digital sky

In my costume I'm in stereo
Come inside my real time video
You can join me, come release me
Make me real

We'll have pleasure undivided
Our attention we ignite
You can help me feel some pain
Feel some glory
Make me free

A galaxy in my head
A twisted inferno
We've melted together
I've found a new dimension

From the ZIA CD/EP "SHEM", 1995.

-Words and Music by Elaine Walker, copyright 1995 ZIA