Golden (mp3)


When from the station of Jupiter, she goes down to the west
The planet grows in brilliance, and in the zodiac
Cancer will become Nibiru, time of security
Then Akkad will overflow, a world of plenty

The gods with the golden tears came to the promised land
Will we ever see the day, when the fog turns into rain
And they come into our lives again

Will the fog disappear, will we see the light
Will it rain golden tears, when they come back in the night

400 thousand years, that's when our time began
They came with the golden tears, down to the promised land
Here on the seventh planet, she was made of gold
Mission Earth would obtain it, for the ones of old

Lyrics inspired by "The 12th Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin

From the ZIA album "Big Bang!" self released in 2000.

Written, performed and produced by Elaine Walker.
Co-produced by Mike Farrentino and engineered by Andres Karu.
Final Mastering by Marc-Dieter Einstmann.
Additional drum programming by Andres Karu.
Live drum performance by Gary Vitagliano.

Copyright 2000 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved
Released by ZIA and Chaos Control Productions